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Welcome to Storage Fun, the leading IT Storage provider with full-scale IT Storage solutions for Small to Medium businesses, Academic institutions, Government Agencies and large corporations. We cater to all companies and organizations in need of solid, reliable and fast IT Storage infrastructure, delivering professional expertise and knowledge with our skilled engineers and keeping your data safe from unwanted incidents.


Consider the consequences
  • Have you ever had disk failures in any of your servers?
  • Did you ever have an outage that was Storage related?
  • Did you ever think about what would happen should your storage arrays fail?

Your data is important to us

We at Storage Fun deliver everything Storage related – Professional consulting, project walkthroughs, deployments design and planning, IT Storage infrastructure integration and implementation, 24/7 on-call support engineers, cloud storage areas, and all of these with 100% guarantee of your satisfaction.

 Reach out and get the feeling for what professionalism truly means

Don’t just take our word for it. As a company that supports its customers through thick and thin, we do not let our customers sink in the mud when disaster strikes. When in crisis we are always available, taking care of your information and adhering to the most strict regulations that exist today in the IT world, so you can rest assured that you are in the best hands possible.

As a small business, we kept all of our customer records on a single PC that one day dropped dead. Unfortunately the problem was a faulty HDD, which meant no backups. Storage Fun restored our data from the dead HDD and deployed a strong SSD Storage infrastructure that now keeps us calm and confident. Modiin Plumbing Company

When working with a known IT consulting company in our area, we were undergoing a Storage deployment upgrade that failed catastrophically. After reaching out to Storage Fun, we had their Storage Specialists come within a few hours. No doubt, this was a game changer, and we are lucky to have such an asset on our hands. Jeff Pulver Consulting